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30th & 31st OCTOBER 2021 - ONLINE
2021 Montessori SummitEverything you will have access to at this conference:
10 Speakers
12.50 hours of immersion in Peace Education
Supporting the Cause of Refugees


The Montessori Summit is an online event that aims to take the Montessori Method further. It is, therefore, a Summit focused on Education and on Peace.


Guided by professionals in the field of Childhood and/or specifically in the Montessori Method, it is a Summit that has a very clear objective: that all of its participants finish the event being capable of introducing real changes in their own contexts.
Maria Montessori became known for relating Education to Peace in a very profound way. A realization of the need, on the one hand, for the development of a Science of Peace (along with all the other Sciences that Man has developed and deepened in accordance with his desires and growing aspirations) and, on the other hand, the impression of progress in Education (along with the progress that Man has also imprinted in so many other areas of his interests and desires).
Peace is, in fact, the purest and deepest desire that we can aspire for. On it depends the Humanity that we want and need to see reborn.
What is at stake here is the Human Being itself. His return to his origins and essence that are brought to the world by each new Child that inhabits it.Childhood contains all the answers we need for a New Humanity that we desire so much and that unites us all, now, in this Montessori Summit.
It is, for this reason, much more than a Summit about Montessori’s Method in its most practical aspects, such as Materials or the Prepared Environment. It is fundamentally a Summit where the key points that Montessori highlighted as essential to the great dream of her work will be touched upon: Peace. Peace in a positive sense, an experience based on the values of Justice, Love, Truth, Humanity and Freedom, which we all seek for ourselves, for the future of our Children, and the future of Humanity.
It will, therefore, count on the intervention of Peace Professionals , from the new vision of the Child in the lights of Montessori, to the ways of taking the Method to our homes and to our schools. This includes public schools starting to implement the differentials right away, to the ways of inclusion of this new vision in all of our communities, including those who are underprivileged to how to join efforts between different professionals in the schoolling spectrum how each of us is able to go to the depths of our being and being able to reverse what is a culture of Education that no longer serves us, among many other aspects.
This will be an event that will bring this community even closer, united by a desire to implement an ``Education for Peace``, and that will give a strong contribution to reach even further and beyond!
An event that promises inspiration, unity and a lot of hope that one more step will be taken towards a Humanity of Peace, Justice, Love, Respect, Freedom and Truth. A Humanity that must necessarily begin by implementing these values in the hearts of those who are our future: Children.


After a first edition in 2020 that was deeply inspiring and touching for all participants, it is with great joy that we now venture into a second edition!
The core theme this year is what Maria Montessori’s approach can achieve today.
The Montessori approach is capable of empowering a true transformation of the whole society. The scientific vision of human development, by allowing the introduction of a set of practices that can substantially improve human life in its most varied manifestations, finding the human essence in each moment, is something that can, therefore, be applied to the most diverse contexts.
And so the focus of this second edition will be on the scope of this transformation, which ultimately aims at a Social Constructive Reform. The Sessions will focus on the transformation that is possible today with Older Children (6-12 and Adolescents), in both traditional and public schools, on Children with Special Educational Needs such as Dyslexia and Autism and also on Aging and Dementia, in scenarios where Children are deprived or are in more vulnerable environments, with a special focus on Observation, a fundamental pillar of the Montessori approach and of the encounter with what is unique in each Being.
This year's edition will feature speakers who have assumed important roles in this transformation, coming from multiple corners of the world! It is also a Summit that intends to reach more and more people and touch all in a special way. It will be a Summit where all the Sessions will be simultaneously translated into Portuguese or English, depending on the language of each Speaker.
In this way, we can , together, bring change to our most varied contexts, so that we can be part of this path of transformation towards Peace.

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Online Summit

Montessori Summit

The Montessori Summit will take place online as a Zoom Webinar, a dynamic, safe and interactive platform that will allow you to have an excellent learning experience.

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Montessori Specialists

Alison AwesAlison Awes
Alison Awes
Alison AwesAMI 6-12 Trainer and Director of Training at the Minnesota Training Center & Specialist for Children with Dyslexia
Special Educational Needs & Dyslexia
Anne KellyAnne Kelly
Anne Kelly
Anne KellyWorld Consultant and Head of the AMI Ageing and Dementia Department
Montessori for Ageing and Dementia
Carla RamiresCarla Ramires
Carla Ramires
Carla RamiresPromoter of Public School Transformation towards Montessori in Brazil
The Gradual Transformation from Tradicional towards Montessori
Educators Sans Frontiers / Montessori for Kenya / Corner of Hope / Fundação Montessori ArgentinaEducators Sans Frontiers / Montessori for Kenya / Corner of Hope / Fundação Montessori Argentina
Educators Sans Frontiers / Montessori for Kenya / Corner of Hope / Fundação Montessori Argentina
Educators Sans Frontiers / Montessori for Kenya / Corner of Hope / Fundação Montessori ArgentinaElske Voermans / Francescah Kipsoi / Milcah Jerotich / Constanza Carballo
Vulnerable Children
Gabriel SalomãoGabriel Salomão
Gabriel Salomão
Gabriel SalomãoContributer, Researcher, Trainer & Author of the Montessori Home
Montessori's Reform of Society Towards Peace
Jenny HöglundJenny Höglund
Jenny Höglund
Jenny HöglundAMI 12-18 Trainer and Co-Founder of a Residential Community for Adolescents, which has been hosting AMI 12-18 Diploma Courses and AMI/NAMTA Adolescent Studies
The Montessori Vision for the Adolescents
Michelle Lane-BarmapovMichelle Lane-Barmapov
Michelle Lane-Barmapov
Michelle Lane-BarmapovFounder of Lane Montessori School for Autism and Internationally recognised Special Needs/Montessori Researcher and Teacher
Montessori and Special Needs - Autism
Joana RebeloJoana Rebelo
Joana Rebelo
Joana RebeloTrainer, Montessori Guide & Founder of Porto Montessori School
The Private School & the Dream of the Public School
Rebecca DallamRebecca Dallam
Rebecca Dallam
Rebecca DallamAMI 6-12 Trainer and Director of AMI 6-12 Training at the Australian Centre for Montessori Studies
Understanding to better support the 6 to 12 Child (Reasoning Mind)
Sérgio MuriloSérgio Murilo
Sérgio Murilo
Sérgio MuriloMontessorian with Observation Experience in Different Development Contexts.
Science, Observation and Possibilities. A path to success.

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Montessori Summit



A list of frequently asked questions about the Montessori Summit.

Will the lectures be recorded?

Yes, all participants will be able to access recordings of all Lectures for a period of 3 months.

What language will the Summit be in?

In this Summit we will have Speakers from different corners of the world, so some will speak in Portuguese and others in English. However, all talks will be simultaneously translated, so there will always be a Portuguese version and an English version at the same time, and participants can choose which language they wish to hear.

How can I have access to the Lectures?

Closer to the date of the Montessori Summit, you will receive an e-mail with all the access links and other information, such as access to the recordings and to the drawings.

Do I have to do anything to qualify for the drawings of the Supporters' products?

With the confirmation of your registration you are automatically eligible for the 6 drawings that will take place during the Montessori Summit, and whose results will be announced there.

How can I interact at the Summit?

Once your registration is complete and a little closer to the date of the Montessori Summit, you will receive an email with access to an Online Community, on the Telegram platform, where you can interact with all the other Summit Participants.

Once I sign up, what do I have to do?

Once you register through this site in the respective fields, you will receive a welcome email to the Montessori Summit with all the information you need to complete your registration.

You will receive all the necessary information to complete the payment, namely the payment methods and the next procedure to send the proof of payment.

What types of registration are available?

There are two types of registration:

Simple Registration: € 33,00 which gives access to all the Lectures and all the features and benefits associated with the Montessori Summit.

Registration with Refugee Support: € 43.00 and gives access to all that the Simple Registration offers, with the difference that the extra € 10.00 paid will revert in favor of the Refugee cause in two ways:

– Unicef Portugal (Refugee Emergency)

– MEPO (Medical, Education and Peace Organization), an Organization based in Afghanistan whose one of the projects is a Montessori School for Children in vulnerable situations.

What does registration give me access to?

– Access to all Lectures

– 3 Months of access to recordings of all Lectures

– 6 Drawings of products made available by the Supporters

– Online Community

– Simultaneous Translation to Portuguese or English

– Support to the Refugee Cause

What payment methods are available?

The registration payment can be made by one of the following methods:

Bank transfer (any country)
PayPal (any country)
Pix (Brazil)
Mbway (Portugal)

How will I know if my registration process has been completed?

Once you make your payment and send us proof of payment, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

If you have any questions, we will always be available to answer them. Please contact us at this e-mail:


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There are 2 types of registration: 1) Montessori Summit registration and access to all conferences. 2) Montessori Summit registration and access to all conferences and support for the refugee cause.
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Single Registration 33€ | 205 Reais
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3 Months of access to recordings of the lectures

6 Raffles of products made available by the supporters

Online community

Simultaneous translation to Portuguese and English

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Access to all lectures

3 Months of access to recordings of the lectures

6 Raffles of products made available by the supporters

Online community

Simultaneous translation to Portuguese and English

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Inscrição de Apoio à Causa dos Refugiados


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